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What I’m thinking about this week:

  • Coronavirus case counts are getting more dire by the day, but there’s (cautious) excitement over the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech, touted as 90 percent effective. Here’s a no-hype rundown of what we know. (Since masking’s not over: I quite like the fit of these ones.)

  • The Miami Marlins’ hiring of Kim Ng will make her MLB’s first female and first Asian-American general manager. Underscoring how long qualified women are kept waiting, her rise to the GM role has been anticipated for years.

  • There’s an old-school rule that journalists should never become the story, but I want more dish on how Maggie Haberman—prolific breaker of Trump scoops—does her job (besides guilt-tripping her sources). She has a book deal, of course.

  • Thanks, I hate it” is the reaction to the world’s first memorial sculpture for Mary Wollstonecraft, mother of feminism. The same artist, Maggi Hambling, made a widely loathed Oscar Wilde monument, so equal (mis)treatment?

  • The Queen’s Gambit—the Netflix miniseries everyone’s binging right now—is “inspiring a wave of new chess fans, especially women.” (Intro lessons here if you need another pandemic distraction.)

  • Before watching I Am Greta, I noticed all the one-star IMDb reviews, mostly personal attacks, caricaturing the climate activist. But in the new doc, we see Thunberg’s many sides: the shy yet galvanizing speaker, the teenager laughing off her haters, the sensitive kid crying over the heavy responsibility she feels.

  • Remember model Emily Ratajkowski’s essay for The Cut, recounting her experience of being assaulted by photographer Jonathan Leder? More women are coming forward with similar claims.

  • Peloton, purveyor of fancy indoor bikes with a multi-month waitlist, has inked a long-term partnership with Beyoncé, the workout platform’s most requested artist. You can try her themed classes free for 30 days on the app.


  • Behind the Scenes of Emily Harrington’s Historic Climb” (Outside): See that 3,000-foot vertical rock above? That’s El Capitan of Free Solo fame. Harrington is the first woman to free-climb the Golden Gate route to the top in under 24 hours.

  • Times Change” (NYMag): A longread on the New York Times’ “heated reckoning” with itself during the Trump admin.

  • Love, Delayed” (Vox): The raging pandemic is a relationship accelerant—and also the exact opposite.

  • Kamala Harris Makes Her Case” (The New Yorker): This July 2019 story predates her new job title—America’s first Black, South Asian and female VP-elect!—but it’s an illuminating 10,000-word close-up of Harris on the rise.

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